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15+ Judgement Quotes and Sayings

15+ Judgement Quotes and Sayings

15+ Judgement Quotes and Sayings – Looking for quotes about judging others? Here we have a collection of some inspirational bible quotes on judging and judgmental sayings (with images, illustrations).

Judging a person doesn’t define who they are, it defines who you are. How much time do we all spend judging others? There are always two sides to a coin in life and a situation.

15+ Judgement Quotes and Sayings

1.“Please be kind, don’t be judgemental.” – Noel Edmonds

2.“Judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement.” – Simon Bolivar
“When you judge others, you do not define them, you define yourself.” – Earl Nightingale

3.“No one is born ugly, we’re just born in a judgemental society.” – Kim Namjoon

4.“Retain your peace by refusing to respond to rude, judgemental, or prying people. They won’t understand anyway.” – Manprit Kaur

5.“The stage is a place where I can be wholly myself. Even though you’re in front of people almost to be judged, it is a place without judgement.” – Florence Welch

6.“When we make judgements we’re inevitably acting on limited knowledge, isn’t it best to ask if we seek to understand, or simply let them be?” – Jay Woodman

7.“Make no judgements where you have no compassion.” – Anne McCaffrey

8.“It is not for me to judge another man’s life. I must judge, I must choose, I must spurn, purely for myself. For myself, alone.” – Herman Hesse

9.“Someone praising you is also someone being judgmental. The difference is that you like the verdict this time.” – Nitya Prakash

10.“Depend upon yourself. Make your judgement trustworthy by trusting it. You can develop good judgement as you do the muscles of your body – by judicious, daily exercise. To be known as a man of sound judgement will be much in your favor.” – Grantland Rice

11.“All business proceeds on beliefs, or judgements of probabilities, and not on certainties.” – Charles William Eliot

12.“I experienced the judgement of a lot of people – and deservedly so.” – Sienna Miller

13.“I love when things are transparent, free and clear of all inhibition and judgement.” – Pharrell Williams

14.“There are a lot of people who are overly judgemental on the Internet.” – Ishaan Khatter

15.The most judgmental people are often those who complain most about being judged. The ones not complaining will look as though they’re the ones doing the judging.


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