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crocs quotes: Crocs have become synonymous with shoes that rest on your feet all day long or are looking for something comfortable to wear after spending a day with the kids. Kroc turned cool when celebrities started flaunting him on social media.

love crocs? Well, we too! We’re a fan of Crocs shoes, and we think you’re going to love them too! Crocs can make your life better. They are fun, light-hearted, and kid-friendly. They can increase the comfort of your feet.

They are great for any season. That said, you should take good care of your favorite shoes to make them last longer.

You can wear them to work, go for a run, or just grab a pair and go. Kroc has been around for years, but they’ve become a social media sensation over the years.

Looking for amazing crocs quotes and captions to use for your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook posts? I’ve got you covered with the best people out there.

funny croc sayings

It’s time to let your feet Free their fantastical selves.⁣

Life happens on the go. So do awesome things.

Are you going somewhere? Maybe not. Slippers are the new heels, and these Crocs️ look like something you’d see on a runway.

Spring has sprung, but we still love our Crocs

It’s always summertime somewhere, so take a little piece of that everywhere you go. Crocs:

Wearing Crocs in a business meeting yet?

cute croc sayings

Say hail to the no-show. 

Is warm enough for you?☀️ Stay cool, stay stylish.

How many licks does it take to get to the centre of a Croc?

Make every day an adventure in our Crocs shoes, where comfort—and fun—are always in season. 

It’s a flip-flop kind of day! Luckily, Crocs has lightweight clogs

We believe in the magic of summer rain 🌧. Go ahead, slip into something a little more comfortable. 

Once you start, you’ll be Croc-ed.

Life is short; live it in slip-on.

Give your comfort some personality.

Rise and shine…like a butterfly. 

Go from beach to adventure with Crocs.

Get your feet into these!

Life is better when we’re barefoot. We designed our most comfy shoe to celebrate that. 

Love will find you in the most unexpected places.

croc pick up lines

Laid-back weekend vibes take you wherever your mind wants to wander

How does your garden grow? Well, we’d say pretty fantastic.

Great things may take time, but they always take pairs. Have a twin day with our original, award-winning clogs 

We are taking our new sandals for a walk. Because we know that someone who lives in their Crocs is always on vacation.

Crocs shoes combine the look of a sneaker with the comfort of a slipper 

They’re back and cooler than ever. @crocs

The only thing more satisfying than a crisp new pair of Crocs is the feeling of knowing they are suitable for your feet.

When you find your shoe soulmate, the two of you will be unstoppable. 

Today’s going to be fun. Who wants a Croc?

Get ready because here comes fall. #CrocsLife

Life’s a beach… of delicious snacks that are good for you.

What if I told you it was possible to look like you just rolled out of bed but still go everywhere? It is! Pick up these comfy yet stylish pair of Crocs today. #CrocsLife

Wearing #Crocs makes me want to bring my blanket to the beach.

Summer has been feeling good so far… even if I haven’t exactly made that clear with my outfit. #CrocsLife

From sunny beaches to big cities, you need go-anywhere shoes—that are waterproof, too. Our Crocs clogs are just what you need for any adventure.

Keep your look beachy with a pair of our NEW Sandals that are perfect for the season.

Croc Sayings

What is your favourite way to show off your style?

Lift your spirits this Monday with some new kicks.

Wearing right now: anything that doesn’t have laces #unslippable

All you need is love and crocs.

 Feeling the stormy weather this weekend? Stay comfortable with your favorite Crocs slip-ons.

If you’re stuck in the past, you can’t move forward. So say “Hello.” #hello #hellosandals #hellosandalsforfall

 The best things come in simple. Simple shapes, simple design… SIMPLE BEAUTIFUL LIFE.

• Put a little island on your feet’ –Bob Marley #CrocsCaptions

We love these sweet babbos so much that they’re in every one of our collections—except for the ones with closed toes, because it would be dangerous to have your toes exposed when you walk. We’ve got you covered. #Crocs

 Celebrate the best season of the year with these super-fun fall colors. Only at Crocs.

 Lace up your favorite pair of Crocs and get ready to take on the day!

Quotes About Crocs Shoes

You don’t have to think about what you’re doing in @crocs shoes, because they were made to fit your feet so well.

 When you want to be barefoot but still need some support for your Summer adventures…

Add a little color to your day.

Crocs bring out the kid in all of us… So, keep on exploring. Get outside, splash around, and have some fun! 

The perfect mix of comfort and style. Check out Crocs shoes in 11 Dazzling Colorways 

An adventure is anything that generates self-discovery. 

Once the weather cools down—and you’re on your way back to school—there’s really nothing that feels better than slipping on some comfy Crocs.

crocs quotes
crocs quotes

 Welcome to your personal vacation dream. Slip-on, slip-off life, that’s the Crocs way

Crocs funny quotes for Instagram

 Love the ones who treat you right, forget about the ones who don’t

crocs quotes
crocs quotes

The days are getting longer, the air is crisper—summer’s just begun

Crocs. So light and floaty, like you’re walking on a cloud. #lifeisgood

What’s your favorite #Crocs memory? Tag us in your photos to share the love!

Welcome Summer by wearing your favourite sandals updated with @crocs patented cloud technology.

Simply put, there’s no better place to be than here, right now.

 Life is better when you’re barefoot. So go ahead, make your move.

crocs quotes
crocs quotes

Got a thing for mary janes… and I have a thing for you.

Long gone are the days of getting your toes squished on the beach. Welcome to comfort 

Check out this week’s #CrocStories, featuring never-before-seen moments from around the world. Get your tickets to see our live show here.

If you think crocs are ugly, you’re probably not wearing them correctly.

When you’re a kid, growing up seems like it takes forever. But the time goes by so fast. 

Best crocs slippers quotes

This is the season for enjoying life outdoors. Go for a hike, take your pup to the park or grab some friends and head to the beach!

 There’s no better way to get ready for summer than by kicking back in these babies. #crocs

Be spontaneous. Be adventurous. Get out of your comfort zone. That’s where all the fun happens.

crocs quotes
crocs quotes

Wherever your imagination takes you, wear the Crocs that keep up.

 Treat your shoe game right with fresh new kicks from Crocs. From slip-ons to boots & clogs, find the perfect pair today!

Crocs to crocs – or – crocs for crocs – or – crocs to the moon – or – crocs till we crocs. Shout out to all you #crocfam. Oh yeah!

Catch our biggest sale of the year on and in store at Crocs this Black Friday.

When you catch your socks on the sidewalk, stay strong. Always remember that life is full of little adventures.

 Life is too short to wear boring shoes

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