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Tyler – The Creator Quotes

Tyler – The Creator Quotes – Tyler Gregory Okonma (born March 6, 1991), better known as Tyler, is an American rapper, musician, songwriter, producer, actor and visual artist. He rose to prominence as a co-founder and real person of the alternative hip hop group Odd Future in early 2010, and performed and produced songs for nearly every Odd Future release.

30 Best Inspirational Quotes By Tyler – the Creator

1.I am not a follower I am a leader and anyone who speaks his mind is always criticized.

The Funniest Inspirational And Best Tyler The Creator Quotes

2.I want to earn as much money as I possibly can, when my day comes, my mother and sister are fine. My close friends are fine. They should never worry about anything again.

3.I am an optimistic person. I am one of those big dreamers. I am one of those kids with that annoying fantasy.

4.I had never drunk alcohol in my life. I don’t smoke or anything.

Tyler, The Creator Quotations

5.Rap ​​is very traditional indeed. Everyone does the same thing. Nobody pushes the box.

6.I love my raps, but I’m never happy with them as I think they could be better.

7.If I do not have a therapist, when I am making music, I use as my own therapist.

Tyler – The Creator Quotes

8.Someone calls me a homophobe. I am not homophobic.

9.The thing is, I like that I make music. So it’s weird if someone says they don’t like it.


10.Usually, when I’m rapping ‘, I’m making a big story or a concept song that sounds like a movie to me.

11.I do not want to make people around me unhappy. I like to make people happy.

12.I think I’m good. that’s all that matters.

13.Mouth is something I never want to take. I just want to smile and live life.

14.I want to design jewelry for girls and boys… I have not spread it, but I am designing, maybe when I am just designing furniture and buildings, maybe I am a jewelry thing too.


15.I try to tell everyone – not even children, even people older than me – just to make myself. I don’t wear what I wear because I wear it; Wear what you like.

16.I’m not hip-hop. I am tyler

17.I really want to sing, but my tone is really much deeper than what I want. – TOP 30 QUOTES BY TYLER, THE CREATOR

30 Great Tyler the Creator Quotes 

18.You are good at being right / We are good at being upset. ~ IFHY

19.I am no harder than coming out of the closet of a conservative Christian father. ~ Tyler the Creator, Deathcamp


20.For these black kids they can be the ones who have blue / splatter your hair, I will too. ~ Tyler the Creator, where this flower blooms

21.I’m a fucking walking contradiction / no I’m not. ~ Tyler the Creator, Yonkers


22.”I’m Harder Than Coming Out of the Closet of Orthodox Christian Fathers”

23.I am a businessman, you have never been a man “

Tyler – The Creator Quotes

24.”2DopeBoyz don’t want beef / they’re just overweight vegetarians”

25.”Listening to Mac DeMarco / hanging the roof window / switch on 3G gear, turbo.”

26.”There can be shit around and a goat named Felicia”

Tyler, The Creator Quotations

27.”I’m looking at freaks and geeks / with a trampoline on the floor / I’m trying to stack the new McLaren / with vertical doors”

28.”Mother is jealous that I see my manager more than ever

The Funniest Inspirational And Best Tyler The Creator Quotes

29.I go on tour and it hurts / I remember those days when it was fun but now it turned into work “

30.”I was 15 when I first adopted that donut / Five years later / For our label / Yes we adopted it”


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