Top 40 Quotes On Chanakya Niti With Images

Quotes On Chanakya Niti With Images

Quotes On Chanakya Niti With Images

Quotes On Chanakya Niti With Images
Quotes On Chanakya Niti With Images

1.~ Chanakya

“No one can beat a powerful mind.

2.~ Chanakya

“Learn from the mistakes of others… can’t live long to make them all”

3.~ Chanakya

“The greatest Guru-mantra is: Never share your secrets with anyone. It will destroy you.”

4.~ Chanakya

“Even if the snake is not poisonous, it must pretend to be venomous.”

5.~ Chanakya

“A person should not be very honest. Straight trees are cut first and honest people are already cut down.

6.~ Chanakya

“Before you start some work always ask yourself three questions about why I am doing this, what the results can be and whether I will succeed. Only when you think deeply and get satisfactory answers to these questions If found, then proceed. “

7.~ Chanakya

“He who is highly attached to his family members experiences fear and sorrow for the root of all sorrows. Thus one must give up attachment to be happy.”

8.~ Chanakya

“A person is great by deeds, not by birth.”

9.~ Chanakya

“Humility is at the root of self control.”

Quotes On Chanakya Niti With Images
Quotes On Chanakya Niti With Images

10.~ Chanakya

“God does not dwell in idols of wood, stone or clay. His abode is in our spirit, in our thoughts. It is only through this feeling that we give to the God existing in these idols” “


“Education is the best friend. An educated person is respected everywhere. Education defeats beauty and youth.

12.~ ~ Chanakya

“Knowledge is lost without practice; A man is lost due to ignorance; An army is lost without a commander; And a woman is lost without a husband.


“Once you start working on something, it is not afraid of failure and should not leave.” Those who work honestly are the happiest.

14.~ Chanakya

“As soon as fear draws near, attack and destroy it.”

15.~ Chanakya

“God is not present in idols. Your feelings are your God. The soul is your temple.”

16.~ Chanakya

“Money, a friend, a wife and a kingdom can be gained, but when this body is lost it can never be gained again.”

17.~ Chanakya

“Never befriend people who are above or below you. This kind of friendship will never make you happy ”

18.~ Chanakya

“Test a servant in the discharge of his duty, a relative hardship, a friend in adversity, and a wife misfortune.”


“Treat your child as a darling for the first five years. For the next five years, scold them. Till they turn sixteen, treat them like a friend. Your grown children are your best friends.

Quotes On Chanakya Niti With Images

20.~ Chanakya

“One excellent thing that can be learned from a lion is that whatever a man wants to do must be done by him with all his heart.”

21.~ Chanakya

“A single withered tree, if set ablaze, fires up the entire forest, does a wicked son destroy an entire family.”

22.~ Chanakya

“In the wrath of a snake, there is poison in the mouth of a fly and in a sting of a scorpion; But the evil man is saturated with it.

23.~ Chanakya

“The holiness of speech, that of the mind, of the senses, and of a compassionate heart, is what one desires to rise to that divine platform.”

24.~ Chanakya

“The aroma of flowers spreads only in the wind direction. But, a person’s goodness spreads in all directions “


“Let go of the idea that attachment and love are one thing. They are enemies. It is an attachment that destroys all love.

26.~ Chanakya

“We should not fret for the past, nor be worried about the future; Discretionary men only deal with the present moment. “

27.~ Chanakya

“The greatest power of the world is the beauty of youth and woman.”


“There is some selfishness behind every friendship. Friendship does not happen without selfishness. This is a bitter truth.

29.~ Chanakya

“Avoid the one who talks sweetly before you, but tries to ruin you behind your back, because it is like a pit full of poison with milk above.”

Quotes On Chanakya Niti With Images

30.~ Chanakya

“Earth is supported by the power of truth, it is the power of truth that makes the sun shine and the winds blow away, indeed all things rest on truth.”

31.~ Chanakya

“Never do what you have thought to do, but it is determined by the wise council to act in secret.”

32.~ Chanakya

“One whose knowledge is limited only to books and whose wealth is in the possession of others, he can use neither knowledge nor when the need for money arises.”

33.~ Chanakya

“The life of an illiterate man is as useless as the tail of a dog which neither covers its hind end nor protects it from insect bites.”


“There is no penance equal to a balanced mind, and there is no happiness equal to contentment; There is no disease like greed, and no quality like mercy.

35.~ Chanakya

“Accumulated money is saved by spending because incoming fresh water is saved by giving stagnant water.”

36.~ Chanakya

“We must soften those who are hard, to attract those who are far away, even if they do evil to us, we should always love them in view of our purpose.”

37.~ Chanakya

“There are three gems on this earth, food, water and pleasing words – foolish people consider rocks to be gems.”

38.~ Chanakya

“He who is ready for the future and he who deals with any situation cleverly, may both be happy, but a fatalist who is wholly dependent on fate is doomed.”


“A learned man is respected by the people. A learned man commands respect everywhere for his learning. Indeed, learning is respected everywhere.


“There are only two ways of dealing with bad persons or thorns. Crush them under your boot or stay away from them.

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