The Most 20 Epic And Funny Senior Quotes : United States

The Most 20 Epic And Funny Senior Quotes : United States
The Most 20 Epic And Funny Senior Quotes : United States

1.”The world is waiting for us to graduate from ourselves.”
Shannon L. Elder

2.”If I can graduate in high school with more than 150 absences, you can too.”
Natalie Turk

3.”Do not stop for long periods of time; when you still have more and more mountains to climb to do so for drive and ability.”
Richardle E. Goodrich

4.”Sometimes when I take a shower I like to turn off the light and I’m showing up in the womb.”
Aaron Portillo

5.”You won’t be able to do this ten years from now- just leave everything behind and go.”
Rachel Kapelke-Dale

6.”If we laugh too much, annoy a lot of people – we’ve done it right”
Alexis bass

7.”I was Beyoncé in a school full of Michaels.”
Jose Alvarez

8.“Life is like a box of chocolates. You will never know if you are about to graduate. “
Franco Citali

9.”I’m sorry, were my shoulders distracted from reading this quote?”
Victoria diapolo

10.”Of course I dress well. I spent that time in the closet for nothing.
Ian Longley

11.”Look at the kids … I told you your mom was back in high school.”
Pilates trinetra

12.”Looks great. feeling so bad.

13.”When I die, I want people with whom I have done group projects to field me so that they can disappoint me.” for one last time.”
Jenna Allen

14.”We do not belong.”

15.”Hannah Montana Said No One Is Right, But I’m Here.”
Alexander gon

16.”In three years of high school, I had my own earphones, and nobody ever knew.”
Ameena Al-Shuga

17.”No, Miranda, your senior quote ‘Can’t have fries in front of people.” – Father “

18.”If you’re not talking about money … I don’t want to talk.”
Michael and Steven Dibalasi

19.”It’s very hard being a mother when you have no children and a male teenager.”

20.”My computer screen is brilliant compared to my future.”
Katia Perez

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