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Best smart people quotes with images

Smart People Quotes | TOP 30 SMART PEOPLE QUOTES

Smart People Quotes | TOP 30 SMART PEOPLE QUOTES – Smart are ridiculously important and I’ll tell you why. Smart people make smart decisions and this is the most important factor in how things change for you.

One of the smartest choices you have made is to look for smart people in your work relationships. Just to be clear, I don’t mean people who think they’re smart, but dumb. I mean real deal. Since our smart meters are not built in our foreheads, here’s how to tell someone to be smart. Click through the slideshow to begin with the clear.

40 best smart people quotes

Best smart people quotes

1.Frank Spotnitz
The one thing you can do that the audience cannot do – not all the smart people they can do online in chat rooms – provides a satisfying emotional journey for a character, for a human being.

2.Charlie munger
.. People need to ask, “How do I play the hand that has been dealt to me?” The world is not going to give you extra returns just because you want it. To get a little extra you have to be very smart and hardworking. It is so easy to reduce your desires. There are a lot of clever people and many of them cheat, so it is not easy to win.

smart people quotes

3.Harald Jewart
I always value people’s opinions. I think a lot of people are really smart people, and when people say something, they do it for a reason.

4.Bill joey
Not all smart people work at Sun Microsystems.

Smart People Quotes

5.Paul Westerberg
I try to write for the highest common denominator. I do not write for the dumb. I think if everyone doesn’t get it, that’s fine. Someone will get bright enough, and that is the one I write for. This is probably not the way to make million-sellers. what can I say? I will not apologize for trying to write for smart people.

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6.Steve Jobs
The people who built Silicon Valley were engineers. He learned the trade, he learned a lot of different things, but he had a genuine belief that humans, if they work hard with other creative, smart people, can solve most of mankind’s problems. I agree that a lot.

7.Noah Bambach
I have always felt some kind of connection to people who are over-smart. People who overthink things on the issue of some kind of paralysis, and I think that certainly can happen to me any day.

over smart people quotes

8.Steven Weber
Meaning and values ​​depend on the commitment of time and energy by very smart people to the place of the human mind and to a creative enterprise. And the time, energy and brain power of smart, creative people is not abundant. These are things that scare, and in some sense they become scarce as the demand for these talents increases in proportion to the abundant available computing power.

9.Dennis Miller
The way I’ve always governed my life, as far as fiscal policy goes, I’m smart enough to know that I’m dumb about it, so I surround myself with smart people, In the same way a hole surrounds itself with a donut. I just pay things. That’s all I do.

best smart quotes

40 best smart people quotes

smart people images

10.Elon Musk
I think a lot of smart people are following internet stuff, finance and law. This is why we have not seen much innovation.

There is a lot of potential to go unused in places like South Central L.A., very luxurious, smart people who don’t get the chance to show it.

12.Gym rash
I am always ready to steal secrets from smart people.

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13.Neil Stephenson
As convenient as it is for information coming to us, libraries have a valuable side effect: they force all smart people to come together in one place where they can interact with each other.

14.Mark haskell smith
In our culture, we have smart people and then we have warm people. And hot people do all sex, and smart people don’t.

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15.Randy posh
It is easy to be smart when you are parodying smart people.

16.Bill russell
I have had the privilege of meeting and working with many smart people. What impresses me most about them is how they explore and learn every day. I have tried to apply that approach even in my modest career.

17.Lil B
I love people, ’cause people are very smart. People have done a lot of great things.

Smart People Quotes | TOP 30 SMART PEOPLE QUOTES

18.Terence McKenna
Smarter people who are upright are involved in media management, which turns into a slow change, expands starvation, eliminates class differences, advances agriculture, and so on. is. I do not believe the establishment thinks there are solutions. Their policy is fundamentally the management of terror, a forward-looking approach to the adventure of human civilization.

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19.Bill mehr
John McCain, who once called Jerry Felwell and Pat Robertson the ‘force of evil’, has now appeared to teach intelligent design. It is sad, when smart people have to pretend to be so dumb to be elected.


20.Reid hoffman
When you think of being contradictory, you have to think – how is it that smart people will disagree with me, disagree with me … from a state of intelligence, and there is something that I know they don’t know , Actually play to be really true.

30 Smart Quotes for Smart People ideas

21.Cow kawasaki
The world is a big place. It has a lot of smart people. If they think that there is any kind of monopoly on knowledge, entrepreneurs are strengthening themselves. And, sure I am a Macintosh user, on the same day that an entrepreneur tells this lie, the venture capitalist must have met with another company that is doing the same thing.

22.Charlie munger
The hedge fund, known as “Long Term Capital Management”, fell over-confident in its high level of methods, which should have an average of 160, despite IQ’s key tenets. Smart people are not confident of professional disasters. Often, they get nervous in the more difficult journeys they choose, relying on their self-assessment that they have better talents and methods.

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23.Mikhail Bulgakov
He’s smart, ‘Ivan thought,’ I must admit that there are some smart people even among intellectuals

24.Michael Lewis
It was clear to all that the profits from smart people affected anything from complex bets that could be from serving customers, or allocating capital to a productive enterprise.

25.Donald Trump
I love business. I am a free trader, 100 percent. But we [USA] need smart people doing deals, and we don’t have smart people who are doing deals.

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26.Duanne Swireskinski
Comic scripts are on full collaboration, not only with your artist, but your editors and colorists and journalists and PR people, etc.

27.Doug Liman
I think making a great action film is one of the most difficult cinemas. By definition, smart characters avoid action. Smart people don’t go in the dark streets, but if you’re making an action film and you want an action sequence, then somehow you have to bring that character to that dangerous situation.

30 Smart Quotes for Smart People ideas

28.Scott adams
Highly intelligent and well-informed people disagree on every political issue. Therefore, intelligence and knowledge are useless for decision making, because if any of that stuff helped, all smart people would have the same opinion. So use your “gut instinct” to make voting choices. This is really similar to being elite, but with the added benefit you will feel as if your random vote preserves democracy.

29.Sam harris
An argument may be logically valid, but it is untrue that it has a wrong premise and, therefore, leads to an erroneous conclusion (eg, scientists are smart; smart people do not make mistakes; therefore, scientists do not make mistakes. Huh).

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30.Joel Spolsky
Entrepreneurship boils down to the simple fact that a team of really smart people who can achieve things are going to get smart, useful things

Best smart people quotes with images

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