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Gift Quotes and Gift Sayings

Gift Quotes and Gift Sayings – A gift or a gift is an item given without the expectation of payment or anything in return. An item is not a gift if that item is already owned by the person to whom it is given. Although gifting may involve the expectation of reciprocity, a gift is meant to be free. In many countries, the act of mutual exchange of wealth, goods etc. can maintain social relations and contribute to social cohesion. Economists elaborate gifted economics into the notion of a gift economy


1.Ingrid Betancourt,

“I came to know that the most valuable gift that anyone can give us is time, because the value of the time it gives is death.”

2.-Israelmore Ivor

“Giving is not just before receiving; It has a reason. This is what we get. “

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3.-Jean Wolfe,

“When a gift is worth, it is not a gift but a payment.”

4.-Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

“When I come face to face with a birthday a week I will remember that a book can be very good indeed.”

Gift Quotes and Gift Sayings

5.-Christina Dodd,

“You and I – we have worked together. We fought together. And I still understand how to always find out where the money is hidden and the liquor is stored and the scamsters are the richest.”
This is a gift.”

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6.-Irma Bombeck

“Thanks to my mother, not a single cardboard box has returned to society. We get boxed gifts from shops that went out of business twenty years ago.”

7.-Ken Page

“Our deepest wounds surround our greatest gift.”

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8.-Amaka Imani Nkoszana

“When God takes out the trash, don’t dig back through it. Trust him.”

9.-Thomas A. Kempis,

“A wise lover does not give so much a gift of values ​​as the love of a giver.”

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10.Jeanette Walls

“Years from now, when all the junk they got is broken and forgotten for a long time, you’ll still have your own stars.”

Gift Quotes and Gift Sayings


“In a gift it is not done or given, but in the intention of the giver or doer.”

12.-Shannon L. Elder

“Personality begins where comparison stops. Be unique Be memorable Be confident To be proud of. “

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13.-Roman Payne

“Saraswati” is not an artistic mystery, but a mathematical equation. Gifts are ideas that you think you are sleepy about. The giver is what you think of when you first wake up. “

14.-Leo Bushkaglia

“Our talents are the gifts that God gives us … what we create with our talents is our gifts back to God”

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15.-Steve Maraboli

“Give the world freedom from these gifts of love and compassion. Don’t worry about how much you get in return, just know in your heart that it will come back. “

16.-Carlos Ruiz Zafon

“Presentations are made for the joy of who gives them, who receives them, not their merits.”

17.-Audrey Hepbrn

“You can always tell what kind of person a man really thinks you are from the earrings he gives you.”

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18.-David Nichols

“You’re gorgeous, you’re old hag, and if I could give you just one gift for the rest of my life it would be it. Faith. It would be a gift of confidence. Either that or a scented candle.”

19.-Arthur Conan Doyle

“Fairness knows nothing more than itself; But talent instantly recognizes talent. “

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20.-Neil Giman

“Books make great gifts because they have the whole world inside them. And it is much cheaper than buying someone’s book to buy the whole world! “

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21.-Charles Dickens

“What a greater gift than a cat’s love.”

22.-William Shakespeare

“The rich gift wax bad when divers prove ruthless.”

23.-Henry Clay

“Courtesy of a small and trivial character are those who are grateful and heartily appreciative.

24.Pierre Cornille, Le Mentur

“The method of giving is worth more than the gift.”

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25.-Steve Marboli,

“There is a difference between talented people and talented people. Some people are good people. Gifted people are few. “

26.-Ann Voskamp,

“Does the depth of my age joy depend on the depth of my gratitude?”

27.-William P. Smith

“When I discover that God makes his gift suitable for each person, there is no way I can covet everything I can get because it just won’t fit me.”

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28.”Be aware of the high notes of blissful faces and their gentle messages, and listen to the silent message of a highly decorated gift.”
-Dejan Stojanovic

29.-Susan Elizabeth Phillips

“You try to spend six months sitting on someone’s bed, waiting for them to die and then tell me that a happy love story is not one of God’s good gifts.”


30.-Israelmore Ivor

“The thing in pencil is more than what is around it. You have more talent than the environment around you. Your abilities will change your environment. “

31.-Sarah Brethanach,

“Every day offers us simple gifts when we prepare our hearts to discover the place that is right for each of us. (January 15)

32.-Tess Gerritsen

“The Christmas tree, twinkling with lights, a mountain of presents piled beneath it, like offerings to the great god of excess.”

33.-Seamus Heaney,

“And be judicious like a young prince,
Independently of his father
So that later on, when the battle starts
Firm companions will stand near him
And hold the line. “

Thank You Quotes for Gifts

34.-Jean Vennier

“Jealousy comes from people’s ignorance, or lack of faith in their own gifts.”

35.-Barry Lopez,

“For so many centuries, the exchange of gifts has kept us together. This has made it possible to bridge the abyss where language conflicts. “

36.-Harley King

“The story is a butterfly whose wings transport us to another world where we receive the gifts that we are and what we want to be.”


37.Tracy Chevalier,

“In general, Quakers did not make gifts, because physical property should not be given elevated status.”

38.-Charles F. Glassman

“Just because you’re not taking longer than others, it means you’re a failure. It just means that some people open their gifts later than others.”

Gift Quotes and Gift Sayings

39.“You know who loves you with the gifts you bring. Gifts do not have to cost a lot, they simply need to reflect a part of you and the other person. “
-Ernesto Quinoz,

40.-Regal Manila

“Roses are red, Violets are blue, a simple sweet bouquet of flowers can brighten anyone’s day.”

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