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Himalayas Quotes – 40 inspirational quotes about himalayas | Best Mountain Quotes | Best himalayas Quotes and Status


40 inspirational quotes about himalayas

40 inspirational quotes about himalayas – The Himalayas, or Himalayas and ā-laya, are a mountain range in Asia that separates the plains of the Indian subcontinent from the Tibetan plateau. The range has many of the highest peaks of the earth, including the highest, Mount Everest, located on the border of Nepal and China. The Himalayas consist of more than fifty mountains, over 7,200 meters (23,600 ft) in elevation, including ten of the fourteen 8,000 meter peaks. In contrast, the highest peak outside Asia (in Andecagua, Andes) is 6,961 meters (22,838 ft) high.

himalayas quotes

1.Mahatma Gandhi

Faith is like the Himalaya mountains which cannot possibly change.

2.John Muir

Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.

3.Sara Jeannette Duncan

When God gave men tongues, he never dreamed that they would want to talk about the Himalayas; there are consequently no words in the world to do it with.

4.Diane von Furstenberg

If you like trekking, go to the Himalayas or Peru. I love those kinds of trips. But it all depends on your own life and what you like and what you expect.

5.Gautama Buddha

The good shine from afar Like the snowy Himalayas. The bad don’t appear Even when near, Like arrows shot into the night.

6.Marianne Williamson

If you went to live in the Himalayas and everyone was lovely there, I’m sure it would be fairly easy to be a spiritual master.

himalaya quotes – 40 inspirational quotes about himalayas

7.Joe Rohde

It’s an adventure. I mean I spent a lot of time in the Himalayas and over the years have come to know them very well. I would say most important is the first sense you have in a place like that, and that is the sense of being on an adventure. – chasing angels or fleeing demons, go to the mountains meaning in hindi

8.Fidel Castro

I have not seen the Himalayas. But I have seen Sheikh Mujib. In personality and in courage, this man is the Himalayas. I have thus had the experience of witnessing the Himalayas.

9.Harry Emerson Fosdick

In the foothills of the Himalayas, one hears the prayer: “Oh Lord, we know not what is good for us. You know what it is. For it we pray.”

himalayas quotes

10.Al Ries

Strategy and timing are the Himalayas of marketing. Everything else is the Catskills. – funny snowboarding quotes

11.Edmund Hillary

Nobody climbs mountains for scientific reasons. Science is used to raise money for the expeditions, but you really climb for the hell of it.

12.Karan Bajaj

There is no absolute truth that the guy sitting in the cave in the Himalayas is useless, because he is at that point in his journey where he has experienced everything in the world and does not have an attraction to it anymore.

himalaya quotes

13.Rebecca Solnit

There are fossils of seashells high in the Himalayas; what was and what is are different things.

14.Scilla Elworthy

I flew aeroplanes, parachuted, walked on my own across the Himalayas – you name it; if it was dangerous, I did it.

15.Carlos Santana

Whether you are doing it in the bar, the church, the strip joint, or the Himalayas, the first duty of music is to complement and enhance life.

16.Frederick Lenz

For some reason, there is a purity to the Swiss Alps – a certain energy – that is very reminiscent of my snowboarding experiences in the Himalayas.

17.G. N. Devy

Eight out of 100 people in the Himalayas have published their own books.

quotes on himalaya in hindi

18.Frederick Lenz

There is a big difference between the lower samadhis and the upper samadhis, like the difference between the Sierras and the Himalayas.

19.Romain Rolland

Let us return to our eagle’s nest in the Himalayas. It is waiting for us, for it is ours, eaglets of Europe, we need not renounce any part of our real nature…whence we formerly took our flight.

himalayas quotes

20.Steve Fossett

I was never comfortable with the risk of climbing in the Himalayas, or the amount of time in idleness that is involved in the Everest expedition.

21.Gordon Brown

….in just 25 years the glaciers in the Himalayas which provide water for three-quarters of a billion people could disappear entirely.

22.Edmund Hillary

My most important projects have been the building and maintaining of schools and medical clinics for my dear friends in the Himalaya and helping restore their beautiful monasteries, too.

23.Judah Friedlander

I’m actually banned from the Himalayas, because I’m too good at yoga.

24.Pankaj Mishra

I myself, at one time, wanted to be like the explorers of the Himalayas that I used to read about; people intoxicated on the myth of history.

25.Frederick Lenz

There are lifetimes where one goes off into the Himalayas and meditate in a cave. But this is not really one of those lifetimes for most people. Our earth has changed.

26.Yuichiro Miura

I want to ski down Mount Cho Oyu in the Himalayas when I am 85, descending from a height of 8,201 meters.

27.Frederick Lenz

In both Surfing the Himalayas and Snowboarding to Nirvana, I have tried to transmit as best I could the spirit of humor, and the sense of humor of the monks I have encountered.

himalayan quotes – 40 inspirational quotes about himalayas

28.Joan Halifax

All are interconnected…the environment; rights of the dying; care of caregivers; education and medical care for peoples of the Himalayas; prison work; those living on the margins of society, particularly kids.

29.Heinrich Harrer

“There were only three names on the map of the region we had brought with us, but we now filled in more than two hundred.”
― Heinrich Harrer

himalayas quotes

30.Jeffrey Rasley,

“Chasing angels or fleeing demons, go to the mountains.”

31.Subrahmanijan Chandrasekhar

But there is nothing mean or lowly in standing in the valley below and awaiting the sun to rise over Kinchinjunga.”

32.Jane Wilson-Howarth,

The mountains were so wild and so stark and so very beautiful that I wanted to cry. I breathed in another wonderful moment to keep safe in my heart.”

33.Kedarkhand Skanda Purana

The land north of Gangadwar is known to the wise as Paradise Ground. Apart from this land, the rest is called Earth elsewhere.”

34.Vinita Kinra

“If Ganges is the mother, Himalayas is the father. One nurtures and nourishes, the other provides and protects.”

35.Heinrich Harrer,

but far more famous, was the sacred Mount Kailash, 3,000 feet lower, which stands in majestic isolation apart from the Himalayan range.”

36.Manjushree Thapa,

“Tourists who come to Nepal look at terraced fields and see their beauty but remain blind to the hard labour they extract from tillers.”

37.―Anita Desai,

“There was no one to whom he could explain that in order to survive he needed to be at altitude, a Himalayan altitude, so he might breathe.”

himalayas quotes
himalayas quotes

38.Susan Jagannath

“It is the mountain that has been calling me, and it’s time to answer.

39.Susan Jagannath,

“I want to gaze at the Five Treasures of Snows; Kanchenjunga, that rears up like a frozen wave of ice.”

40.Jeffrey Rasley

“He wasn’t a great man, but he had a great life.”

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