Game Of Thrones Quotes : United States

Game Of Thrones Quotes : United States
Game Of Thrones Quotes : United States

1.Any person who wants to say ‘I am the king’ is not a true king.
Tywin Lannister

2.It is the name of the family that lives on it.
Tywin Lannister know nothing Jon Snow.

4.It is easy to confuse what should happen, especially when it has worked in your favor.
Tyrion Lannister

5.Leave a wolf alive and sheep

are never safe.
Arya Stark

6.Every man has an animal, and when you hold a sword in his hand, it stumbles. –Jorah Mormont

7.With what authority does a wolf judge a lion?
Jaym Lannister

8.There is nothing better or nothing worse. Nothing is just nothing.
Arya Stark

9.A ruler who kills those devoted to him is not a ruler who inspires devotion.
Tyrion Lannister

10.I have always found the motivation to be pure.
Peter Baelish

11.Better to be cruel than weak
Don Greyose

12.All I ever wanted was the freedom to make mistakes.
Men’s Rider

13.A mind needs books, just as a sword needs a whey. That’s why I read a lot.
Tyrion Lannister

14.The man who commits punishment should hang a sword.
Ned Stark

15.Anarchy is not a pit. Anarchy is a ladder. Many people who try to climb it fail, and never try again.
Peter Baelish

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