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Civil Rights Quotes

Civil Rights Quotes – Guaranteeing equal social opportunities and equal protection under the law regardless of civil rights, race, religion or other personal characteristics.

The civil rights movement led by Roman Catholics in Northern Ireland in the 1960s was inspired by events in the United States.

Civil Rights Quotes

1.- Will Rogers

“We will never have true civilization until we learn to recognize the rights of others.”

2.– Maya Angelou

“Civilians without whites, it is impossible for blacks to struggle for equal rights. Because equal rights, fair play, justice, are all like air: we all have, or none of us have . That’s the truth of it. “

Civil Rights Quotes

3.- Martin Luther King Jr.

“I have a dream that my four young children will one day live in a nation where they will be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

4.- Malcolm X

“If you have a dog, I must have a dog. If you have a rifle, I must have a rifle. If you have a club, I must have a club. This equality. Is. “

5.Elizabeth Cady Stanton

“The past is history, but there is a long struggle for equality.” –

35+ Civil Rights Quotes ideas

6.- Tom Robbins

“Equality is not in relation to different things, equality is different in relation to different things.”

7.- Jean Kirkpatrick

“Democracy not only requires equality, but also an unwavering belief in the value of every person, which is then equal.”

Civil Rights Movement Quotes

8.- Jason Manjh

“Equality and separation cannot exist in one place.”


“A little less complaining and crying, and a little more dog work and manly effort, will give us more credit than a thousand civil rights bills.” –

Civil Rights Quotes

10.- Ruby Bridge

When I think about my children today and they are not protected in school, I think the next civil rights movement should be, you know, banning assault weapons so that our children To be safe. “

11.- Henry Rollins

“For me, jazz will always be the soundtrack to the civil rights movement.”

12.- bell hook

“By far the largest movement in our country for social justice is the civil rights movement and it was completely rooted in a love ethic.”

13.Marion Wright Edelman

“It was very clear to me in Mississippi in 1965, that, as a lawyer, I could take people to schools, segregate schools, but if they were kicked out of the gardens – and If they had no food, no jobs, no health care, no means to exercise those civil rights, we were not going to succeed. ”-

35+ Civil Rights Quotes ideas

14.- Ida B. Wells

“The South resented African-American giving its independence, ballot box, and civil rights law.”

15.Stokeli Carmichael

“I maintain that every civil rights bill in this country has been passed for white people and not black people.” –

16.- Corita Scott King

“Sometimes, I am also recognized as a civil rights leader or human rights activist. I can also be thought of as a rich storehouse of experiences with a complex, three-dimensional, flesh-and-blood human, like all the rest, yet unique in its own way, like all the rest. “

17.- Andrew Young

“Unheard heroes of the civil rights movement were always wives and mothers.”

18.- Jacqueline Woods

“The civil rights movement was about access to public space. We had to fight for public space. ”

Civil Rights Quotes

19.Charles B. Rangel

“The Klan used fear, intimidation, and murder to brutally torture African-Americans who demanded justice and equality, and it tried to respond in the same way to young workers of the civil rights movement in Mississippi Of. ” –


20.Jamila Woods

“I love that music and chants were used in the civil rights movement to help people march. How the songs were both a balm and an action.” –


21.Henry Louis Gates

“The most ironic result of the black civil rights movement is the creation of a new black middle class that is distinct from the black underclass.” –

22.Andrew Young

“There is no problem on the planet that cannot be solved without violence.” This is the lesson of the civil rights movement. “-

23.- jim costa

“The civil rights movement will experience many significant victories, but Rosa Parks will always be remembered as its catalyst.”

24.- Lyndon B. Johnson

“Every American citizen should have equal right to vote. There is no reason that can excuse the denial of that right. There is no duty that is heavier than what we have to ensure. … It is wrong – fatal wrong – to deprive any of your companions of the right to vote in this country. There is no issue of states’ rights or national rights. There is only a struggle for human rights. ”

25.John Lewis

“The Civil Rights Movement was based on trust. Segregation and racial discrimination did not conform to our faith, so we had to do something. ”-

26.Rashida Talib

“We cannot have policies that punish people for taking action. Imagine further losses if the federal government banned civil rights leaders from boycotting buses in Montgomery, Alabama, or banning partitions from apartheid South Africa. “-


27.Ronald Reagan

“I favor the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and should be enforced at gunpoint if necessary.” –

28.- Donald Trump

“I like the idea of ​​amending the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include a restriction of discrimination based on sexual orientation. It will be simple. It will be straightforward. ”

29.- Shirley Chismol

“Liberals in the House strongly view liberals known during the last two decades in the civil rights clash. When it comes time to show whom they will be counted, they forgive themselves.”


30.Eric Holder

“In many ways, the division of civil rights is the discretion of the Department of Justice. You can almost measure what kind of civil rights division you have with the Department of Justice. “-

Martin Luther King Jr. quotes

31.- Ted Cruz

“School choice is a 21st century civil rights issue.”

32.Rashida Talib

“For me, I know that if we can pass the Civil Rights Act of ’64 50 years ago, we can pass the All Civil Rights Act for Justice. We can pass Medicare for all . ”-

Civil Rights Movement Quotes

33.Tom Perez

“During the Black History Month, I am reminded again of the ways that the struggle for civil rights is associated with the struggle for workers’ rights.” –

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34.Rand Paul

“No Republican questions or civil rights disputes. I have never waived my support for the Civil Rights or Civil Rights Act. –

35.Kerry Washington

“I think an entire America is dealing with the issue of homophobia. We should be really honest about whether we believe in civil rights for all people. As black people we need to remember that moment. Requires that we say that it is okay to isolate one section of society, we are opening the door to back ourselves. “-

Martin Luther King Jr. quotes

36.- Killer Mike

“My grandmother was part of the civil rights movement.”

37.Russell Simmons

“I think people instinctively know that their job is to serve and they are part of a community. It had a great impact on my father walking on picket lines and accompanying him during the civil rights movement. “-

38.Kenya Barris

“My mother went through civil rights; My father went through civil rights. My name was Kenya because they wanted to give me an African name. ”-

Civil Rights Movement Quotes

39.Amy Sharld

“My father wanted me to be a dentist or any doctor like him. Such was the attitude, The Civil Rights Movement was not about being an artist.” –

40.Octavia Spencer

“Civil rights happened because the youth joined it. The youth stood up and helped break the pattern that their parents were accustomed to living. The next generation will have to take the stand, whatever it is, socially, that they are involved in it. ”-

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