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Beard Quotes – The Best & Funniest Beard Quotes

Beard quotes ideas

Beard quotes ideasA beard is hair that grows on the chin, upper lip, lower lip, cheeks and neck of humans and some non-human animals. In humans, usually only puberty or adult males are able to grow a beard. Some women with hirsutism, a hormonal condition of excessive hair, may develop a beard.

beard quotes


1.”Every woman wants a tall boy and every tall man wants a beautiful girl, but legends want a strong and thick beard.”

2.”It’s my habit to grow a beard that I don’t want to give up.”

Beard Captions for Instagram

3.”Patch has no place on men’s faces.”

4.”I’m sexy and I enhance it.”

Beard quotes ideas

5.”You don’t have to show your bearded face … it’s your attitude brother people will see it themselves.”

6.”Sometimes people judge you with your beard.”

beard quotes funny

7.”When a guy congratulates you for your look, understand that it’s all because of your terrible beard.”

8.”I only shave my beard just because I want it to be tighter than before.”

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9.”Men use love to get SEX, women use sex to get LOVE, and I use beard to get BOTH.”

Beard Quotes

10.”Good with some bearded friends so people can tell them that you are their leader.”

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11.”Not all women love beards, only true women love them.”

12.”Behind every tattooed girl, there is always a great person.”

13.”Beard love will never end, it only grows.”

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14.”Always trust a bearded person.”

15.”A man with a beard is a real man.”

The Best & Funniest Beard Quotes

16.”When I don’t shave for a long time and think about shaving … then I contact myself not to shave for long hair.”

17.”A bearded boy can easily set a girl.” – funny chocolate quotes

18.”Roll your beard. !!

40 Best Beard Quotes That Celebrate The Art Of Manliness

19.”Never clean or trim your pride … Always keep your pride on your face.”


20.”A beard is a lovely gift that you give to your face.”

21.”If you have a problem with my beard … Sorry friend, I haven’t grown it for you.”


22.”I can’t keep calm when I see a bearded man around.”

23.”Buy some beard kit if you want to grow your beard like me.”

24.”I can’t remove a beard from my face because there is a child behind my beard that I hate the most.”

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25.”You don’t choose a beard, a beard chooses you.”

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26.”I like to have my head shaved but not my face.”

27.”Scientifically proven that beards have many benefits.”

28.”Clean shave is like a blue moon for me.”

29.”Have you ever shaved your head?”

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30.”Never know the reason for my long beard.”

31.”Keep your beard cool and clean.”

40 Epic Beard Quotes

32.”Friends have called me a wild man, but they never know the joy of a beard.”

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33.”Sometimes a beard comes between a cute kiss.”

34.”My WhatsApp and Facebook account is full of my beard selfie without captions.”

clean shave quotes

35.”A beard and a mustache are two different things.”

36.”Beard is on my left.”

Top 40 Best Funny Beard Memes

37.”I can’t tell my beard in words.”

38.“Sometimes you can shave your beard.”

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39.”Feel the beard and don’t be afraid.”

40.”If you want to make your beard mine longer … you just have to let it grow.”


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