Chocolate quotes | 15+ Chocolate Sayings ideas in 2021 | 10+ Chocolate Sayings & Quotes ideas | 20 Funny Chocolate Sayings

Chocolate Sayings and Chocolate Quotes with images

Chocolate quotes | 15+ Chocolate Sayings ideas

Chocolate quotes | 15+ Chocolate Sayings ideas – Chocolate is a roasted and ground cacao seed that is made as a liquid, paste, or a block, which can also be used as a flavor-enhancing ingredient in other foods. Early indications of use are associated with the Olmec sites (what would happen within the colonized region of Mexico) suggest consumption of chocolate drinks from the 19th century BCE. The majority of Mesoamericans made chocolate beverages including Maya and Aztec. The English word “chocolate” comes through Spanish, from the classical Nahutal word xocolātl. – Funny Chocolate Sayings

The cocoa tree seeds have an intense bitter taste and must be fermented to develop the taste. After fermentation, the beans are dried, cleaned, and roasted. The shell is removed to produce cocoa Nb, which is then ground to a cocoa mass, roughly asymmetrical chocolate.

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Chocolate Sayings and Chocolate Quotes with images

1.Linda grayson

There is nothing better than a friend unless it is a friend with chocolate.

Chocolate quotes | 15+ Chocolate Sayings ideas

2.George clinton

A chocolate city is not a dream / This is a piece of my rock and I dig you CC / God to chocolate city and its vanilla suburb.

Chocolate Sayings

3.Sara Arak

Just a lot of chocolate work can drive wild. – Chocolate Sayings ideas in 2021

Chocolate quotes | 15+ Chocolate Sayings ideas

4.Oleg Kiselev

Self-discipline tells me some unpleasant things, including being away from chocolate.

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5.Ray budbury

A good night’s sleep or a ten-minute bawl, or a pint of chocolate ice cream, or all three together is good medicine.

6.Dieter Schorner

I think the combination of chocolate and lemon is very refreshing. In England, I also tasted yogurt with chocolate and lemon. Sounds strange, tastes great. – Chocolate Sayings ideas in 2021

7.Tish Boyle and Timothy Mauriti

Chocolate is the world’s favorite flavor. There is a mystery, excitement and wickedness associated with chocolate, which you will not find in any other food. – freaky quotes


8.Henry Stubbe

Chocolate was all that was needed for breakfast because after eating chocolate, no one needed meat, bread, or drinks any further.

Chocolate quotes | 15+ Chocolate Sayings ideas

9.S.T. Beckett

We need food to give us energy, and chocolate is relatively energy-dense, meaning it is high in calories for a small portion size. – breakup quotes wallpaper – Chocolate Sayings ideas in 2021

Chocolate Quotes

10.Adriana Morganelli

Chocolate is often associated with many religious and national holidays and festive celebrations, where it is traditionally given as gifts to loved ones and friends.

Chocolate quotes | 15+ Chocolate Sayings ideas

11.Jane Weger

Nice memories are like chocolate; You cannot stand alone on them. Because they are not very filling, but they make life sweeter. – Chocolate Sayings ideas in 2021

12.Ursula Kohout

Chocolate is glad you can eat.

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13.Nina Sandman

Life is like chocolate; You should enjoy it to pieces and let it slowly melt on your tongue.

14.Sonja Blumental

Chocolate is a gift of love to oneself.

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15.Ursula Kohout

Chocolate is relaxing without words.

16.Kathy Guisewite

Some say that women are addicted to chocolate. I say that we are only faithful. – Chocolate Sayings & Quotes ideas

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17.John west

Make chocolate otherwise ordinary people melt into a strange state of ecstasy.

18.RJ Huxtable

Chocolate is more than food but less than medicine.

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19.Grace slick

I am not a strict vegetarian, because I am a hedonist pig. If I see a large chocolate cake that is made with eggs, I will have it.

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20.Judith Weorst

Strength is the ability to break a chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare hands and then eat just one of the pieces.


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