15+ Best International Mother Language Day 2021 Quotes | HAPPY INTERNATIONAL MOTHER LANGUAGE DAY | Messages and Greetings


15+ Best International Mother Language Day 2021 Quotes

15+ Best International Mother Language Day 2021 Quotes – International Mother Language Day is celebrated worldwide on 21 February every year. It is a sad day in the history of Bangladesh. Everyone remembers this day with due respect to begin with. When International Mother Language Day was introduced, pictures and quotes are a very popular item for most people.

1.”When a child learns in the language they understand, there is a big change in its attainment.” Congratulations to all friends, family, students, school, children, peers and loved ones


2.Without language, one cannot talk to people and understand them; No one can share their hopes and aspirations! International Mother Language Day!

15+ Best International Mother Language Day 2021 Quotes

3.Wishing you International Mother Language Day 2021! Language is the most agreeable thing for things we cannot get away from.


4.For our Indians, I do not think that English can ever leave the magic of emotions that our mother tongue can
Kailash Kher

15+ Beautiful International Mother Language Day Wish Pictures

5.The language on the lips is alcohol.
Virginia Woolf


6.You can never understand a language unless you understand at least two.
Geoffrey Vian

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7.This universe can be expressed in very good words and syllables which is not one’s mother tongue.
Tahar Ben Jelloun

8.A different language is a different vision of life.
Federico Fellini

20 International mother language day quotes

9.I always regret the loss of any language, because languages ​​are the lineage of nations.
Samuel Johnson

15+ Best International Mother Language Day 2021 Quotes

10.Language is the blood of the soul in which thoughts move and from which they grow.
Oliver wendell holmes senior

11.”If my mother tongue is shaking the foundations of your kingdom, it means that you have created your kingdom on my land.”

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12.There is a second soul to do the second dialect. To understand one language one has to open a gateway to another culture. This day is very remarkable.

15+ Beautiful International Mother Language Day

13.You cannot understand any language until you understand an incident in two. You can understand people by understanding their language.

14.Language is a culture guide. It tells where its relatives come from and where they are going.

15.Knowledge of language is the entry way to knowledge. From this day, a new dialect and way of life are revealed.

Mother Language Day Best Messages, Quotes And Greetings

16.Mothers constantly carry such a symbol weight to determine the value of a person. Your native language, this is a characteristic of your identity. Enjoy multi-day in its essentials.

17.The breaking points of my language are the cutoff points of my world. Open your perspective and learn society and language to make yourself a superior person.

18.For the language you speak, you live another life. On the occasion that you know only one language, you only live once. I wish we lived a hundred lives.


19.When you lose a language and one language is wiped out, it looks like dropping a city bomb and wiping it out.


20.It’s okay to be happy for your great English. As it may be, do not be happy to be poor in your mother tongue. Just the dirt of the earth does this. Your mother tongue is your character on the outside.


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