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World Theatre Day 2021

World Theatre Day 2021

World Theatre Day 2021 – World Theater Day was started in 1962 by the International Theater Institute (ITI). It is celebrated annually on 27 March by ITI centers and the international theater community. Various national and international theater events are organized to mark the occasion. One of the most important of these is the circulation of the International Message of World Theater Day, through which, at the invitation of ITI, a figure of world stature shares his reflections on the theme of theater and the culture of peace. The first World Theater Day international message was written in 1962 by Jean Cocteau (France). It was first held in Helsinki, and then in June 1961, President R.V. At the 9th World Congress of the ITI in Vienna on behalf of the Finnish Center. Was proposed by Kivima. World Theater Day is established by the International Theater Institute. This proposal, supported by Scandinavian centers, was praised.

1.”Actors are only honest heretics.” – William Hazlitt


2.”If you are wrong, you are in a lot of trouble.” – Paul Mazarski

3.”Drama – What does literature do at night?” – George Jean Nathan

4.”Pretend, face the paper parade. Pretend, hide your face so that the world will never find you.” – game ghost

5.“This is not a theater that is inevitable, but something different. To cross the boundaries between you and me. “- Jerry Grotowski

World Theatre Day 2021

6.”The most precious things in speech are withheld.” – Ralph Richardson

7.”Whatever children you do, always do it with a little dressing.” – George M. Kohan

interesting quotes

8.”You don’t think you’re funny. It’ll never work if you think you’re funny.” – George Abbott

9.”Make them laugh, cry them, and hack for laughter.” What do people do for the theater? An emotional exercise. I am a public servant. I’ve never forgotten – my pickford

20 Inspiring Theatre Quotes

10.”The thing that makes a creative person, is to be creative and that is all.” – Edward Albie

11.”A theater-like mural fits its place. And so it is above human art, living art.” – Roman Roland

Theater Quotes ideas

12.”The greatest thing you ever learn is to just love and be loved in return.” – Moulin Rouge

13.”I really feel very sorry for all of you, but this is an unjust world, and virtue only wins in a dramatic sense.” – W.S. Gilbert

World Theatre Day 2021

14.”Tell me and I will forget, show me and I can remember, join me and I can understand.” – Chinese proverb

15.”Listeners in the theater want to be surprised, but by the things they expect.” – Tristan Barnard

20 Quotes About The Theatre

16.”If you want to change something by Tuesday, theater is not good. Journalism does what you can. But, if you want to change the chemistry of the moral matrix, the life of theater is long.” – Tom Stopard

Acting quotes

17.”Acting is a sport. On stage you should be ready to walk on your toes like a tennis player. Your concentration must be keen, your reflex must be sharp. Your body and mind are in top gear, the chase continues. . acting.” Energy. People pay to see energy in the theater. “- Clive Swift

World Theatre Day 2021

18.”All a stage in the world, and all men and women are mere players; they have their exit and their entrance, and in their time a man plays in many parts.” -William Shakespeare


19.”Now life has killed the dream I saw” – Les Miserables

20.“Theater exists only because it is excessive because its performance is amazing. Where a theater and its acting is only good, ‘only’ is right, ‘only in proper style’, ‘theater is a slow death. ” – Robert Cohen


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