World Computer Literacy Day Quotes with images

World Computer Literacy Day Quotes with images

World Computer Literacy Day Quotes with imagesWorld Computer Literacy Day was started by the Indian computer company NIIT in 2001 on the occasion of its 20th anniversary, in response to research stating that the majority of computer users worldwide were male.

World Computer Literacy Day Quotes


1.Nicolas Negroponte
It is not computer literacy that we should work on, but like human-literacy. Computers have to become human-literate.

2.Seymour Papert
Similarly, computer literacy courses produce computer people who know a lot about a computer or a piece of software but they do not help people become fluent with a machine.

3.James Paul
Video games provide easy leads to computer literacy. They can make you think like a video game designer and even lead to designing as many games come with software to modify the game or redesign it.

4.Easy friend
I also do not want to speculate on what computer literacy can be for children, except that if cyberspace is to be considered a place, there are people who are already in it and people who are not in it.

5.Evary Morozov
Cyberattacks have become a permanent fixture on the international scene as they become easier and cheaper to launch. Basic computer literacy and a modest budget can go a long way towards invading the country’s cyberspace.

6.Robert McNamara
A computer does not substitute for any decision more than a pencil substitute for literacy. But writing without a pencil is of no special benefit.

7.Leela jannah
Like the opportunities provided for factory work to working Americans in the last century, microcracks will provide opportunities for marginalized people in this. They all really need basic literacy, a cheap computer and an internet hookup.

8.Hildebrand, Dieter
Ein Computer ist eine Genieprothese.

9.Norman Ralph Augustine
The most feared emotion in modern times is ‘computer is down’.


10.Kofi Annan
Literacy is a bridge from suffering to hope.

11.If you are studying now and are able to reach it, consider yourself lucky. There are many people who do not have access to such devices. Happy Computer Literacy Day.

12.Let us recognize the shortcomings of education and resolve to improve it by raising awareness.

13.Changes in the way education can be done in rural areas on this computer literacy day.

14.We are moving into a modern world, which are not equipped for this, let us help them through this computer literacy day.

15.This computer literacy day can provide quality education for all people from all walks of society.

16.Education is a right and therefore computer education. May this Computer Literacy Day help us to raise awareness on the need for this basic right.

World Computer Literacy Day Quotes with images

17.Computer literacy is the education required to advance and embrace the future. Let us accept this and make the much needed changes for this computer literacy day.

18.Computer Literacy Day is the day when you and I can make a difference by increasing the knowledge around our community about the importance of computer literacy.

19.Remember us to never take our education into consideration, there are many who want to have an opportunity to learn and use computers.

20.This day can be a day for change of mind and computer education opportunities for all, happy computer literacy day.

21.This computer literacy day is a good day for anyone to know the need for computer education.

22.Raise hope on this day as we allow children from educational institutions to discover and locate computer gadgets.

23.It may be a day to accept that computers are essential for people of all ages, and basic computer education is a must.

24.A computer has evolved and evolved over the years and we should do so. Let us acknowledge its versatility and its usefulness on this computer literacy day.


25.Digital is the future, let us embrace it and pursue this computer literacy day together.

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