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37+ Inspiring tough love quotes and sayings

37+ Inspiring tough love quotes and sayings

37+ Inspiring tough love quotes and sayings – We all need a little hard love.

Whether it is coming from your best friend, who is worried about your current relationship, or your boss who is worried about your job performance. Sometimes tough love is the push we need to get our butts in gear and take our lives back.
37+ Inspiring tough love quotes and sayings

1.”An acquaintance only enjoys your company, a fair-weather companion when all goes well, a true friend has your best interests at heart and is plucked to tell you What to listen to.
-E. a. Buchianeri,

2.”Cadherin did not believe, as a whole, the apsaras were more beautiful than Valkyrie, but everything about them screamed,” Lay comfortably! When you don’t want to work for it! “And curiously, many men found Valkyrie’s more attractive than” Do and Die, Simian. “
-Cresley Cole,

3.”Because the whole world loves to tell us what we cannot do, that we are not very good. The people of your own house should be on your side. It is the people who never learn the impossible words. Are the ones who make history, because they keep trying. “
-Leigh Bardugo,

4.”Stop begging God to expand your territory when you can’t maintain the area you already have. Work with what you’ve got before.”
-Nakiya R. Lashaul
37+ Inspiring tough love quotes and sayings

5.Do not break my heart. Break it destroy it. Mount me on the wall until I feel the hollowness in it. I will beat in pain I will shout your name and then one day I will not live suddenly. “
-Dominic Ricetello

6.He did not see that coming. He was impressed by both – and praised – his resources.
-Eve Silver,

7.How can I close
If you do not open? “
-Ana Claudia Antunes,

8.”This is the one that is the hardest: to close an open hand because someone loves.”
-Friedrich Nietzsche,

9.”You realize that tough love is hard on a lover too.”
-Julian Barnes,
37+ Inspiring tough love quotes and sayings

10.”I cannot stop abuse through discipline, when abuse and discipline feel exactly the same.”
-Jacqui Rachel

11.”After someone’s injury, it’s hard to relax around you, how safe it is to love them …”
Skylar Blue

12.What is your real concern. Mama left you, and now you expect the same from someone else that you love her. “
-Lisa Klepps,

13.”You said you wanted the truth. Now what are you willing to do with it?”
-Monica Zands

14.”If someone offers you ‘tough love’, shout for the door.”
-Marty Rubin
37+ Inspiring tough love quotes and sayings

15.“Hope is important. It allows you to survive.
But there is a point where hard love is needed if you want to change.
action required. It allows you to live. “
-Brittany Burgund

16.”It can’t be done for you; it should be done by you.”
-Frank Sonnenberg,

17.“Rise high; Deep down “
-Snow Libre Dionysus

18.One truth leads to God. Some see it in kindness, others in hard love, as you are showing me. They really love someone. ”
-Eddy. Alivat,

19.Go Quit. Leave the ghost, Motherfucker. “
-Eddy. Alivat,
37+ Inspiring tough love quotes and sayings

20.The best thing you have said to me since Stumhalten.
Agatha: Treasure it, and get out! “
-Phil Foglio,

21.”I’m real I don’t fake it. What you see is what you get. Love me or hate me, the choice is yours.
-Charles E. Hudson

22.”… They take you on the road without warning, sack over your head and into the back of a van. Difficult love, but differentiating at an incredible success rate…”
-Tim Dorsey,

23.Weakness is leaving your body “
-Charles Martin

24.I felt no pain.
You gave me a job he never did. Love, absent a stopwatch
-Charles Martin,
37+ Inspiring tough love quotes and sayings

25.And now you all propose to just walk outside and leave the dirt you have created. Is this the same thing?”
-Diana Winne Jones,

26.What is true is a truth leads to God. Some see it in kindness, others in hard love, as you are showing me. They love someone’s truth
-AD Alivat

27.“Stop Breaking Your Heart. Learn to love the people they are for and not how you imagined them. “
-Kiara C.T. Banks

28.”Yes, well, love is a fickle thing, isn’t it? One minute you have it, the next it is gone … or someone is going to say that you can’t be together because you have different zip codes.” lives in. “
-Jane Calonita,

29.“If you truly love someone, you will not become their enemy. You will become their guardian angel. “
-Shannon L. Elder
37+ Inspiring tough love quotes and sayings

30.”Hard love and cruel truth from strangers is worth far more than the band-aids and half-truths of invested friends, who do not want to see you suffer more than you do.”
-Shannon L. Elder

31.“Never allow yourself to be a choice in any relationship. When you do this, when you have reduced the daily biological question towards your loved ones: Should I take a dump here or wait at home? “
-Shannon L. Elder

32.It is never easy to get tough love, especially when you know that the person is right.

33.”Tough love can be hard to give, but it is an assurance of the necessity and positive development of life” – T.F. Hodge

34.”Don’t worry about the results you don’t get, the things you didn’t do” – Unknown
37+ Inspiring tough love quotes and sayings

35.Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right track, but a person’s character is finalized in their own hands” – Anne Frank

36.”If you want to succeed in this world, you have to follow your passion, not your salary” – Jane Welter

37.”Tough love means setting boundaries and sticking to them”.

38.”I believe in hard love. But for hard love to work, love must come first. We must love hard to bring out the best in those who lead” – John Gordon

39.”Never prioritize anyone who only makes you a choice” – unknown
37+ Inspiring tough love quotes and sayings

40.”Sometimes, the people who love you the most are the people you least trust.”
-Shannon L. Elder

41.It is not really an easy task that they have been asked to do, but then neither stood in the front line during the war in heaven.
-Shannon L. Elder

42.They never did. This is what he wanted. For someone to tell him ‘no’, one must set boundaries, he must give something concrete to stand on, to resort to the law. This is what we really want. “
-S. E. Hinton

43.”Love a woman who can hand you her ass.”
-Penelope Douglas,

44.Something is wrong if the mother never gets angry; It is safe to say that this is the unique mother. “
-Chris Jamie,
37+ Inspiring tough love quotes and sayings

45.I used to shout not because we would ever learn, but because he was absolutely certain that we would. “
-Joan Lipman and Melanie Kupchenski,

46.​​”When someone is strict on you, there is very little that can happen to you.”
-Bryant McGill,

47.Sometimes you must hurt something to do good for it. “
-Susan Cooper,

48.”When people say to you that you are nothing or you cannot fulfill your dreams, you can cry about it or prove them wrong.”
-Imania Margia

49.“The bar is high. But now you have a ladder. “
-Larry Brooks,
37+ Inspiring tough love quotes and sayings

50.”Before you save the world, make sure your own house is in order.”
-Charles F. Glassman,


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