The Best Economic Inequality Quotes in 2021


The Best Economic Inequality Quotes in 2021

The Best Economic Inequality Quotes in 2021 – There are wide varieties of economic inequality, most notably measured using the distribution of income and the distribution of wealth. Apart from economic inequality between countries or states, there are significant types of economic inequality between different groups of people.


1.The devastation of neoliberalism is so manifold, whether it is violence against women or economic inequality or the destruction of the planet.
Eve Ensler

2.For every dollar that did not work for the boss, one of us worked for one dollar and did not receive it.
William C. Dudley

3.You can be sure that in this new international system, American citizens will be counted for precious little time.
Pat Buchanan

4.I will always have enough money to spend the rest of my life… until I buy something.
Ed asner

5.When there are fewer labor unions, the standard of living for all falls and the gap between rich and poor widens.
John sweeney

6.Strike not for a few hours, because the price of life will still increase rapidly,

but the strike is nothing less than what you earn.
Lucy Parsons

7.I think greedy corporate owners have to face the fact that they are ignoring their most powerful resource – their workers.
John sweeney

8.No race of barbarians ever existed, yet they offered money to the children
Samuel Gompers

9.Fully paid labor is unskilled labor, w orldwide.
Henry George


10.Once, a union job at GM or AT&T was a bridge to success. Now, a non-Wal-Mart job is a bridge to nowhere.
Andy stern

11.If hard work was such a wonderful thing, the rich would certainly have confined it to themselves.
Lane Kirkland

12.If we do not take a king as a political power, then we should not bear a king on the production, transportation and sale of any necessity of life.
John sherman

13.The ultimate goal of those blaming workers for Wall Street’s economic crisis is to uncover the fabric of our ordinary lives in search of greed and power.
Richard Trumka

14.What theft is all about is unregulated capitalism.
Robert Sherrill

15.We draw our strength from the very disappointment in which we have been forced to live. We will bear
Caesar Chavez

16.I know that there are no limitations because of which the powers of privilege will not go to keep the workers in slavery
Mama jones

17.A nation will not survive morally or economically when so few people have and so few.
Bernie sanders

18.The imbalance between rich and poor is the oldest and deadliest disease of all republics.

19.The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal.

20.I pity the man who wants a coat so cheap that the man or woman who produces the cloth will starve in the process.
Benjamin harrison


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