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National Safety Day 2021 : Quotes | safety slogans | 20 A safety slogan ideas | Safety Slogans and Sayings


National Safety Day 2021 : Quotes

National Safety Day 2021 : Quotes – Every year March 4 is celebrated as National Security Day to lay the foundation of the National Security Council. In the absence of awareness, the council was formed to raise public awareness about safety measures to prevent accidents and accidents.
The National Security Council is a national level tripartite apex body. The council is a self-financed, non-profit and premier body in India. The one-week campaign, which begins March 4, is known as the National Safety Week Campaign, which highlights the safety measures needed to prevent or avoid any mishap or mishap.

1.The National Security Council sheds light on areas of security which are not mentioned in any security legislation.


2.Be alert – don’t get hurt

3.Remember that accidents can be avoided by taking precautions. Take care of the safety of you and your colleagues.


4.Safety is the subject of Sadakuraksh (Road Safety) on National Safety Day 2021

National Safety Day 2021 : Quotes

5.National Safety Day has developed and sustained a voluntary movement for safety, health and environment (SHE) at the national level.

6.Each member of the team goes back into the family, and proper care must be taken to create a safe working environment for the members. Follow suggested safety measures.

7.Safety is the engine, and you are the key to starting it.


8.National Safety Day highlights the reduction in industrial accidents or accidents.

9.Workers are the strengths of the company; It is because of their hard work that the work goes on smoothly. Practice safety to keep this strength alive.

safety slogans

10.You cannot return and start again, but if you start today, you can end better. Learn about safety, practice safety.

11.Safety rules are your best tool.

National Safety Day 2021

12.When you start planning today, always put safety first. Stop and think before you start, accidents are not always due to bad luck, but sometimes due to not paying attention.

13.No project is worth the loss of a limb, a finger or life. Make safety your priority. Take responsibility for creating a safe work environment.

Safety Sayings

14.Security is the seam that connects the fabric of life. A loose thread does not allow it to come undone.

15.National Safety Day – 4 March – celebrates the establishment of the National Security Council to raise awareness about industrial security.

Safety Slogans and Sayings

16.Safety starts with doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. Please do this for yourself and your surroundings.

National Safety Day 2021 : Quotes

17.Safety and health of workers should be of primary concern over the production of the product. Watch your actions, practice safety.

20 A safety slogan ideas

18.No protection, no pain


19.Better safe than sorry – following the prescribed safety rules will help you learn it the hard way.

20.The purpose of the National Safety Council is to ensure health and safety in workplaces and lifestyle of workers.


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