Love Quotes Of Radha Krishna With Images

Love Quotes Of Radha Krishna With Images

1.Gokul Mein Hai Jinka Waas,
Gopiyo Sang Jo Karey Raas,
Devki-Yashoda Jinki Maiya,
Aise Hamare Kishan Kanhaiya.

2.One we have for you
Don’t know how many
Sanwariya has left care.
Love Quotes Of Radha Krishna With Images

3.Krishna wants Radha,
Her heart’s legacy is Krishna,
No matter how much Krishna takes
The world still says the same
Radhe Krishna Radhe Krishna.

4.Shri Krishna Ka Naam Lo
Sahara Milega
Ye Jeevan Na Tumko
Dubara Milega.

5.How many obstacles were seen in love,
Still saw Radha with Krishna.

6.In the evening, your love,
Preparations are on for a new outcome.
Till yesterday, Meera was crazy,
Today is my turn.

7.I live in Gokul
Reside with Gopio
Devaki Yashoda is whose mother
This is how our Krishna Kanhaiya

8.Do the hymn to Radha Rani,
Life is not trusted,
Nothing sweet in the world
The name of Radha Rani is sweet. spreading all around,
A little fragrance of their love
Looking so cute,
This pair of horny-white.

10.wish just this much,
Want a small moment,
And with you only you.
Radha krishna

11.become your thunderbolt from your chest,
Mistake in your breath and become a fragrance.
Between us
I… I am not Kanha .. I just want to be you.

12.Why do you want to meet him every moment,
Why is it needed every moment,
Which we cannot find,
God knows why he is in love with her.

13.On which Radha has values,
On which Radha has pride
This is Krishna who Radha
His heart is sitting everywhere.

14.I do not know
Whether the next birth is there or not.
This birth passed in love
This prayer is sought.
Anything else fashion me
Met or not met

15. Where are my eyes worthy of you?
They are your mercy, who are here for you.

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