Best of Ex girlfriend quotes with Images

Best of Ex girlfriend quotes with Images
Best of Ex girlfriend quotes with Images

1.Someday, someone is going to thank me.
Best of Ex girlfriend quotes with Images

2.Never leave what you broke.

3.If you and your ex are still friends, it means that you two never really loved each other, or you are still in love.

4.Everything I loved about you is what I hate most about you now!

5.Cheers to my ex finally finding someone as useless as She is

6.I just saw hER picture on Facebook, She looks like something I draw with my left hand.

7.I accidentally bumped into my ex today … with my car … at 60mph … on purpose.

8.Be like an ex-boyfriend: “Oh she’s getting on me? I change her and make her better.”

9.You don’t miss her you just miss the memories.

10.If you line up all your former lovers in a row then you can see the flow of your mental illness.

11.I am saying that I have never seen my ex and the devil in the same room.

12.While trying to get your ex’s attention when he is dating someone else, it does nothing and hurts you.

13.I do not hate the fact that you are my ex. I only hate the fact that you were once a part of me.

14.The former, means expired, and a terminated one is poisonous.

15.If you are still trying to impress your ex then you are ruining your life completely.

16.There is a hard and painful story behind every wet pillow.

17.When your ex tells you that you will never find someone like me, that’s all you have to say.

18.The worst thing that I experienced is you.

19.She used to be my number 1 chick, now she is my alphabet chick z ‘chick.

20.Ever looked at your ex and thought “Have I drank the whole relationship?”

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