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40 Slogans for Water Conservation | 40 Best Quotes and Slogans On Saving Water | 40 Slogans on Saving Water


40 Slogans for Water Conservation

40 Slogans for Water Conservation – Take less rainfall to reduce water consumption.
Check your water bill to see how much water you are using.
Use the mug instead of running the tap when brushing teeth or shaving.
Use a toilet flush that has less water.
Water your plants in the morning or late evening to reduce water loss due to evaporation.


1.Dharma Trails

“Our global flow will not leak.”

2.Dharma Trails

“When all this is gone you cannot wash the garbage with your hands.”

35+ Awesome Save Water/ Water Conservation Slogans

3.Dharma Trails

“A hamburger or three weeks of rain. What would you choose?”

4.Dharma Trails

“Water care is the care of all of us.”

save water quotes

5.Dharma Trails

“Rich or poor in water. This is the only currency that really matters. “

6.Dharma Trails

“Keep rivers clean and earth evergreen.”

7.Dharma Trails

“Not too late to save water’s fate.”

quotes to save water

8.Dharma Trails

“Walk lightly. Reduce your water footprint.”

9.India Festival

“If you save water, water will save you”

Save Water Quotes & Slogans


10.Dharma Trails

“A cotton T-shirt or 1,300 days of drinking water? This is the same amount of water for both.”

11.Leonardo da Vinci

“Water” is the driving force of all nature. “

water save quotes

12.National Geographic

“Everything that is still water will be there.”

13.Donald Woster

“The rain is a blessing when it slowly falls on the ripe fields, making the earth green, causing the birds to sing.”

14.“Always Be green like a pro, by conserving H20.”

15.Stewart Udal

“Plan to protect air and water, forest and wildlife are actually plans to protect humans.”


“Through water, we give everything to life.”

quotes for save water

17.Jacques Cousteau

“We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one.

18.”- Paul Watson

“We buy a bottle of water in the city, where clean water comes out of its tubes. You know, in 1965, if someone said to the average person, ‘You know that in thirty years you’re going to buy water in plastic bottles and want to pay more for that water than gasoline?’ Completely out of your mind.

dont waste water quotes

19.Ismail Serageldin

“Twenty-first-century wars will be fought over water.”


20 Best Quotes and Slogans On Saving Water

20.Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes

“A river is more than a peace, it is a treasure.”

21.Phillip Costeau Jr.

“The fact of the matter is that our homes are in the news when it comes to protecting and conserving our vital water resources – more than that, they are also important to protect our health.”

conserving water quotes

22.Water Project

“Bright futures begin with clear water.”

23.Laura Gilpin

“A river looks like a magic thing. A magic, moving, very living part of the earth. “

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24.John Thorson

“Water connects us to our neighbor in a deeper and more complex way than any other.”

25.Jacques Cousteau

“Water and air, two essential fluids upon which all life depends, have become global garbage bins.”

40 Save water quotes ideas

26.W.H. Auden

“Thousands lived with love, not without water.”

27.Benjamin Franklin

“When the well dries up, we learn the worth of water.”

Inspirational Water Quotes, Save Water Slogans

28.Ernie Barnett

“This is not a natural crisis. This is a man-made crisis. “

29.Samuel Taylor Coleridge

“Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink.”


30.Carl Sagan

“Whatever you’re interested in is not going to be anything if you can’t breathe air and drink water. Don’t sit outside. Do something. You’re an absolutely important figure in our planet’s history. Alive by the accident of fate in the moment. “

40 Slogans on Saving Water

31.Luna Leopold

“Water is the most important resource of our lifetime and the lifetime of our children. The health of our water is a key measure of how we live on land. ”


“Water, water, everywhere, and all the circles have shrunk; Water, water, everywhere and no drops to drink. “

33.“The best gift you can give to the coming generation is water.

34.”Save the world. The world is in your hands.”

40 Best Quotes and Slogans On Saving Water

35.“Save water, and it will save you.

36.Nothing will be left here without water.

37.slogan on water is a slogan on life.

38.”Water taught a lesson that the rest of the world could not.

40 Slogans for Water Conservation

39.“There is a thin line between using water and wasting water.

40.“Use water but never waste water!

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