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National Tourism Day 2021 Quotes with Images | Tourism Quotes : Best Travel Quotes & Messages


National Tourism Day 2021 Quotes

National Tourism Day 2021 Quotes – Keeping in mind the economy of the country, National Tourism Day is celebrated every year on 25 January to promote the importance of tourism. India, being a geographically diverse country with different cultures and a rich history, is admired by tourists who visit different places and know about the same.

There are various tourism opportunities in India in tourism, culture, education, nature, sports, rural etc. The Ministry of Tourism is the apex body that manages the formulation of various policies, rules, regulations and laws for the overall development and promotion of tourism in India.

National Tourism Day 2021 Quotes with Images

1.Not only wait to reach the destination, but also enjoy the journey…. Don’t worry about the pits on the road but enjoy what you see when you travel. Best wishes on National Tourism Day !!

2.The use of travel is to regulate the imagination from reality, and to see things as they are, rather than to imagine how things might be. Happy National Tourism Day!

National Tourism Day 2021


3.”Travel is the destination.”
Dan aldan

Tourism Quotes

4.In any case, little danger is a small price to pay for tourists to climb the place.
Tahir Shah

National Tourism Day 2021 Quotes with Images

5.”When you live in a country that speaks a language you don’t know, you learn a lot. You don’t learn to complain: too much trouble.”
Alberto Madrigal

6.”I don’t often know where my luggage is, that’s a tourist.”
Terry Prachet

Tourism Quotes : Best Travel Quotes & Messages

7.”The journey reveals new dimensions of this world that are not known to the naked eye.”
Wayne Chirisa

8.”A successful and successful journey begins with a great sense of complete resolve.”
Wayne Chirisa

Tourism Quotes

9.”The basis of tourism is the notion of otherness, which is somewhat different from normal.” – Best Travel Quotes & Messages
Lucy M. Long

10.”Everywhere we travel, the wonderful people we meet become our families.”
Leluhu akita akitaNational Tourism Day 2021

11.“To move, to breathe, to fly, to swim, to roam the ground roads when you give: to travel.” – Hans Christian Andersen

National Tourism Day Visa Policy in India

To travel to India, a non-resident who holds a valid passport can consult with their local Indian embassy. The Visa application can also be created via mail, in person or in consultation with a travel agent. Earlier, India released a list of 40 countries which can apply for an e-tourist visa. – National Tourism Day 2021

An e-tourist visa allows travel from 16 designated international airports for various tourists and business visitors on incoming visas. – Best Travel Quotes & Messages

12.“Travel is not to escape life, but therefore life does not save you.” -Unknown

13.“Travel enhances all human emotions.” – Peter Haag – Best Travel Quotes & Messages

14.“Travel expands the mind and fills the gap.” -Sheda Savage

National Tourism Day 2021 Quotes with Images


15.“Travel means knowing that everyone is wrong about other countries.” -Aldous Huxley


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