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Commonwealth Day: 33+ Messages Quotes and Greetings

Commonwealth Day: 33+ Messages Quotes and Greetings – The second Monday of March is the day of celebration of Commonwealth Day. It is actually a remembrance and honor of the Commonwealth of Nations, a union of some countries that were once part of the British Empire.

Queen Elizabeth II is the head of the Commonwealth and addresses the Commonwealth in the Abbey of the West, broadcast around the world on this day. The day is observed as a public holiday in some parts of the Commonwealth but currently not in Britain.

1.Happy Commonwealth Day. Let the Union flag be flown on the second Monday of March to commemorate the day.

2.Happy Commonwealth Day. Let us hoist the Commonwealth flags in the Horse Guards in London.

3.On this Commonwealth day, let us vow to work together against all odds for tolerance and understanding.

4.Today on this eve let the commonwealth nations work together in partnership to soar high and reach their zenith.

5.Let us talk and discuss with one another on this Commonwealth Day which can help us overcome our problems.

6.Happy Commonwealth Day. Let us use Sports as a bridge to be one, as we all know Sports brings us together.

7.From our childhood days, we learned sharing is caring. Let us share our thoughts with others in the society on this day.

8.On this Commonwealth Day, let us promote the new generation as we all know youths are the backbone of a successful country.

9.Commonwealth Day teaches us the importance of diversity. Different nations come together under one banner on this day.

10.Let us commemorate this Commonwealth Day to the frontline warriors who have shed their blood and sacrificed their lives for the nation.

11.On this Commonwealth Day let us try to attain worldwide peace.

12.Happy Commonwealth Day. Let the nations come together as partners in national development.

13.On this day let us take the opportunity to create a Commonwealth of Freedom.

14.This Commonwealth day should be all about promoting the need for Education. The main focus should be on the Education system of the country.
Commonwealth Day: 33+ Messages Quotes and Greetings

15.Happy Commonwealth Day. Let us create the perfect opportunity for the new generation.

16.Realizing the potential of an individual should be the most important factor for a nation’s development. Let us try attaining that on this special day.

17.This Commonwealth Day should be all about taking a note on the health system of the nation and improving it in all aspects.
Commonwealth Day: 33+ Messages Quotes and Greetings

18.Let us all respect the differences among different Cultures and promote understanding among all above these differences.

19.Let us promote and serve a new generation on this Commonwealth Day to make sure that the nation will be in safe hands in the future.
Commonwealth Day: 33+ Messages Quotes and Greetings

20.On this Commonwealth Day let us prioritize making our society green and maintain a clean environment as it is the future.

21.Let’s concentrate on the development of Science and Technology on this Commonwealth day for the betterment of our nation.

22.On this special day let us focus on women equality in society and promote them as the agents of change of the nation.

23.This Commonwealth Day we shall look for attaining equality among different Cultures and also look for Connecting cultures.

24.Happy Commonwealth Day. Let us celebrate this day with much pride.
Commonwealth Day: 33+ Messages Quotes and Greetings

25.On this day we should vow to make a Young Commonwealth.

26.This day should mark the beginning of many positivities to come with the prime one being delivering a common future for the Commonwealth.

27.On this Commonwealth Day, let the blend of tradition serve to make us stronger each day individually and collectively.

28.Hoping that this day supplies all prerequisites necessary for the resilience of all kinds, political or social.

29.This day is all about the celebration of the Commonwealth states of what they collectively achieved above their differences.
Commonwealth Day: 33+ Messages Quotes and Greetings

30.On this day let us promote international friendship among different countries which would help us fight against any common enemies.

31.Let us celebrate this day in Britain as the day of Royal Sightings with Union flag hoisting and the royal speech of the Queen.

32.On this Commonwealth Day, let us try to benefit from being open to ideas and encouragement from those nations who are around us.

33.This Commonwealth Day let us take an oath to end all personal, collective, and international hate and try rising above it for better days.

34.On this day let the Commonwealth make the world safe from all diversification.


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