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Coal Miner’s Day: 18+ Messages and quotes

Coal Miner’s Day: 18+ Messages and quotes – Coal Miners Day is celebrated every year on 4 May. It is celebrated to spread awareness in the world about the difficulties faced by coal miners.

The main purpose of this day is to honor and celebrate achievements, to appreciate the sacrifices made by them and to remember the tragedies they faced while making our lives comfortable.

1.The coal miners deserve all the respect and appreciation. They are sacrificing their lives so that we can live comfortably.

2.Every life of a coal worker is as precious as any other life.

3.The coal miners work day and night in the dark, so that we can sit in the light.

4.The coal mining is the most dangerous job globally, not everyone is brave enough to go deep inside the mine.

5.Coal miners earn their living by giving their life.

6.People and coal are like the same; the more you put pressure on them, the better they become.

7.One cannot get a good quality of coals until they don’t get too deep in the mine; to get a solution to any problem, you also need to interrogate deeply.

8.Talents are like coal; they deep inside us. We need talented miners like a teacher or a mentor who can dig it out.
Coal Miner’s Day: 18+ Messages and quotes

9.The life of a coal miner should be appreciated as anyone else’s. They are as hardworking as anyone. Let us dedicate the day to them.

10.After army men coal miners are the only one who risks their lives to have all the comfort.

11.Every country needs to make some strict measures and rules so that coal miners can get benefits like any other job.
Coal Miner’s Day: 18+ Messages and quotes

12.Every time you use a stove, remember someone sacrificed their life so that it can reach to you.

13.It’s right time we start recognizing the sacrifices the coal miners have made for us.

14.The country that honors its coal miners is everyone respects the government.

15.Everyone should spend at least one day with coal miners to understand how brave they are.
Coal Miner’s Day: 18+ Messages and quotes

16.If anyone is more courageous than coal miners, than it’s their wives and mothers.

17.Coal mining not only causes harm to coal miners but also causes damage to the environment.

18.The world needs to find alternatives to coal so that environment and human life can both be saved.

19.The essential thing that can come out of coal mine other than a diamond is an alive miner.


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